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Ray-Ban’s reputation as the gold standard in sunglasses stems in large part from their commitment to using the highest-quality materials to manufacture their products.ray ban sunglasses.One of the many ways that Ray-Ban stands out from the competition is their use of crystal lenses to provide the highest degree of clarity and durability. Below is a look at the benefits of crystal lenses and some key steps to take to ensure that you prolong the life of a pair of new crystal lenses.Many people use the terms crystal and glass interchangeably when referring to sunglass or eyeglass lenses. While this is not entirely inaccurate, Ray-Ban no longer manufactures lenses that are 100 percent glass. However, they offer crystal sunglass lenses, which are manufactured with a 50/50 mix of glass and polycarbonate.ray ban sale.Crystal lenses are often referred to as glass lenses since they technically contain glass.


Ray-Ban began offering crystal lenses to provide outstanding clarity while optimizing safety for the consumer.The majority of Ray-Ban sunglasses now feature polycarbonate lenses. However, Ray-Ban currently manufactures two sunglass models with crystal lenses. They include the Ray-Ban G-15 lens, which has a rich, dark green undertone, and the Ray-Ban B-15 lens, which has a deep brown undertone. Both lenses are available in men’s or women’s sunglasses.cheap ray bans.Both the G-15 and the B-15 are compatible with a variety of sunglass frame styles and are available in a polarized version for people seeking ultra-crisp vision.With polycarbonate accounting for the majority of today’s sunglass lenses, one may wonder why Ray-Ban offers sunglasses with lenses that are made with glass.fake ray bans. In addition to the ability to offer sunglasses with a lens that is thinner, yet denser, Ray-Ban strives to meet the needs of clientele seeking cutting-edge clarity and durability in their sunglasses Below are three benefits of investing in Ray-Ban sunglasses with crystal lenses:Lenses that contain glass offer a degree of clarity that cannot be matched with other lens materials.

Crystal lenses have a relatively small amount of Abbe compared to plastic lenses.ray ban sunglasses sale.This helps to eliminate color spread and optimize clarity in lenses.Customers have trusted the Ray-Ban name since 1937. Over the past 80 years, Ray-Ban has established itself as the global leader in sunglass manufacturing in part due to their commitment to superb manufacturing. Ray-Ban continues to use glass in their sunglass lenses because it helps create a surface that is incredibly durable and scratch-resistant.While people tend to wear their sunglasses in bright lighting conditions, Ray-Ban recognizes that wearers might sometimes transition to spaces with less light.cheap ray ban sungalsses.Crystal lenses are ideal for such situations, as they provide excellent contrast in conditions with lower levels of lighting.

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