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ray ban sale.Cover their eyes to seek intimacy in the street. Cross only their thoughts. Identify with the dreams of the moment and have them move in the dark glass of the lens. Or more simply and shelter from the sun. But we know, and we know it well, that the glasses have more than one meaning, and reduce them to the latter is banalizzarli and make them liars. The great thing then indulge themselves with frames, among the most diverse, simple or special.Ray-Ban tip essence and mixed black acetate with small metal details gold becomes portable anyway. The lenses come close to an almost imperceptible green and protection is guaranteed. Anna-Karin Karlsson is rather hilarious and looks all on one side making it bloom of red.The story of one of the longest-running must have accessory in the history part in an unusual way.ray ban sunglasses. These are the years in 20 American aviation industry: with the extraordinary progress we fly at higher and higher altitudes, and air traffic increases in parallel with the noise experienced by drivers because of the intensity of sunlight.To address this issue the general MacCready ordered that they be made of the glasses designed for such extreme situations: the fundamental prerequisites had to be a high degree of protection and the guarantee of good visibility. So in 1936 they created the first Anti glare model with green lenses and form what today is called the Aviator. The product is launched on the market in the late 30 and to make it recognizable than the other offers is chosen the Ray-Ban name (literally “beam-screen”), a registered trademark in 1937. The Large Metal model immediately became famous with the name Ray-Ban Aviator.

In the early days, the Outdoorsman models are of great allies for those who practice outdoor activities such as sports, fishermen, hunters, policemen: a male audience. 1938 is the Shooter model with two types of lenses: the tried and tested Ray-Ban Green and innovative Kalichrome from yellow color.ray ban outlet. Come the 40 years and with these, the horrors of the Second World War: the lenses offered by the brand continue to be used in the military environment. It creates new frames that thanks to a minimal visual clutter let you see perfectly the tools to use. After the war, the need arises to use in the life of everyday objects recovered from the remnants of war, and these glasses, which until recently were previously only used by the military, they begin to spread among civilians achieving considerable success.In this process comes into play, and Hollywood cinema: the sunglasses are beginning to be seen as a fashion item, as something essential to define your look. One of the models that still is very timely is launched right then: in fact, the 1952 Ray-Ban Wayfarer for their simplicity and versatility are worn both by movie stars from the common people. fake ray bans.The model Caravan introducing the square shape is 1957.




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